Sunday, April 19, 2009

La Maison Rouge nuit de musique

Here is the biggest celebrity I have ever met!
(other than cousins Pegsy & Steven and SiL Tommy of course)
I failed to get his autograph...BUT
what an honor to hear him at
La Maison Rouge nuit de musique!
Check this out:

Elsie brought her fiddle!

John did some sleuthing on the 'net
to find Breton music.
Elsie and Wrenford were an awesome duo!

Now JoRo wants to learn the fiddle
and Elsie is enthusiastically teaching
(15 euros JoRo)

'k, I think JoRo is catching on

oui, look at that confidence!

Now Elsie has a go at the guitar


Hannah and I have a go at singing.
Well, Hannah sang
and I twirled the music book
and Wrenford was really super polite
when I tried to sing
and it was, shall I say, not-too-great.

Hannah, Anne, Wrenford, JoRo
Oh what a night!


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