Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Across the Pond and at Home

Time to catch up!

Here we are in the garden of John and Alison Stott -
ready to go to the wedding of
Dean Holly and Samantha Brown!
Thanks to Princess Anne for the hat!

Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Dean Holly

Mrs. Holly is wearing 5 inch heels. Seriously!
(or was it 6?)

Look at this lovely cake!
Rumor is the Bride does not like the traditional wedding fruitcake
- one of many reasons I adore her -
and consequently a layer or two is sponge (aka white) cake, yum!

Done just for ME!!!
(or not?)

Elsie celebrated 15 years
10 June
(cake baked with love and chocolate)

Our house is full of flowers
from the Little House garden!

My recent baking craze
cinnamon cookies
(coordinating with the tiles. of course.)

and Tony has been busy making
apricot and raspberry jam!