Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 100 Years

Elsie celebrated 100 Years!
8 April 2009
Whittlesea, Australia

Such a happy day! Elsie enjoyed her family and the flash of cameras and being interviewed by a local newspaper reporter. The day was also highlighted with letters from the Governor-General, the Prime Minister AND Queen Elizabeth! I suppose this means that Tony and I will have to stop by for a cuppa with Liz next time we cross the pond?

Elsie with her kids: Anthony, SiL Rob and Jan
(around my MiL you best not call Anthony Tony or she WILL whack you with her walking stick)

Elsie with her youngest great grandchild, Lila

and here she is with all her great grandchildren!

Blow out those candles!
What does one wish for at 100 years?

Cheers to you, Elsie!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

La Maison Rouge nuit de musique

Here is the biggest celebrity I have ever met!
(other than cousins Pegsy & Steven and SiL Tommy of course)
I failed to get his autograph...BUT
what an honor to hear him at
La Maison Rouge nuit de musique!
Check this out:

Elsie brought her fiddle!

John did some sleuthing on the 'net
to find Breton music.
Elsie and Wrenford were an awesome duo!

Now JoRo wants to learn the fiddle
and Elsie is enthusiastically teaching
(15 euros JoRo)

'k, I think JoRo is catching on

oui, look at that confidence!

Now Elsie has a go at the guitar


Hannah and I have a go at singing.
Well, Hannah sang
and I twirled the music book
and Wrenford was really super polite
when I tried to sing
and it was, shall I say, not-too-great.

Hannah, Anne, Wrenford, JoRo
Oh what a night!


won't be long for that post! Stones, done. Sunday lunch with Mark, done. Just apero with Carole and Calamity and hopefully a chat with Min....then I'll be here! See you soonsoon.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Let Go

relax. The stones won. I am exhausted! Tomorrow more stones. Tonight I'll dream (more like nightmare) about piles of stones and heaping wheelbarrows and torn garden gloves and strained muscles GAH! I'll be back when the stones are lifted.......................

Still Hanging?

Rock Picking today. And I've only just recovered from the St Paddy's Rock Picking event! So. Tonight. Maybe just maybe I'll get caught up here. Until then, rock on.........................................

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hang On

Post coming soon! Wedding hats, music fest, 100th birthday...loads to tell and photos to post. It's a beautiful day in Brittany (of course JoRo is back in Wigan, ha!) and we're off to the Malestroit market and book exchange. See you soon......................