Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 100 Years

Elsie celebrated 100 Years!
8 April 2009
Whittlesea, Australia

Such a happy day! Elsie enjoyed her family and the flash of cameras and being interviewed by a local newspaper reporter. The day was also highlighted with letters from the Governor-General, the Prime Minister AND Queen Elizabeth! I suppose this means that Tony and I will have to stop by for a cuppa with Liz next time we cross the pond?

Elsie with her kids: Anthony, SiL Rob and Jan
(around my MiL you best not call Anthony Tony or she WILL whack you with her walking stick)

Elsie with her youngest great grandchild, Lila

and here she is with all her great grandchildren!

Blow out those candles!
What does one wish for at 100 years?

Cheers to you, Elsie!


Anonymous said...

Elsie looks so beautiful! That lovely thick white hair and her sparkling eyes and smile--wow. Some people can live to 100, but few will look like her or have her spirit.
What a treat to see these photos! Thanx so much.

Tinsie said...

Wow! That's a lot of years :-)

Happy birthday & many happy returns, too!

Sue & Keith said...
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Sue and Keith said...

Good pictures, looks like fun was had by all and Elsie looks good. Thanks! Hope your trip was good Tony.

Nigel said...

Pam & Anthony(don't want to be hit by the walking stick)

Thanks for the pictures. Looks like a good time
was had by all.

Michelle said...

Félicitation Tony pour les 100Ans de ta Maman
Je trouve que ta Maman est Géniale
Toute la famille a du faire une grande Fête pour fêter cet "ANNIVERSAIRE EXCEPTIONNEL"
J'ai regardé les Photos ce soir et les trouve très jolies.

J'ai vu aussi que Elsie apprend à jouer de la guitare. BRAVO Elsie
A bientôt peut être au Levran

Bisous à tous les 3

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Happy birthday!

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