Friday, March 20, 2009

En fin !

We are now enjoying our breakfast OUTSIDE!
For those of you who note photo details,
that jar of Vegemite does not belong to me!

The stone patio and wood decking is nearly done!
A bit of finishing work to do
and of course additional flowers to come soon.

Our evenings have been here too.

Spring has definitely sprung!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Irish Event

When I was a wee school girl, wearing green on St. Patrick's Day was a requirement. Irish or not, if green was not worn, you were sure to get pinched all day or take the dreaded smear of green paint across your face to save yourself from the incessant pinching. I never knew which was worse: the pinching or the paint. I guess I had some of that famous Irish luck because my mother always made sure I wore green. In fact she reminded me to wear green this year too. She's not even Irish!
This year I spent my St Patrick's Day with real Irish people! I mean, really, born there and everything! What a thrill! That is until I found out how Irish people entertain themselves on St. Patrick's Day.
No green apparel. No pinching. (that was good) No parades and, seriously, no green beer! No, instead they throw a Pick Up Our Garden Rocks Event. WHAT???? True, I kid not. And I have the photos to prove it!

Look at what we were picking up!

Brian began his rock picking up with some sort of dance.
Must be an Irish tradition.

Robin carefully raked.
I think I may have heard him hum Danny Boy.

Look at the crew! Nearly done!

Irish Stew?

As always, I wore green today.
next year
I'll drink green beer.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cabaret à Domicile

and back by popular demand. Or just demand?
Thanks to all my blogger fans for your patience while
waiting waiting waiting for a post here!

This weekend we went to our first Cabaret à Domicile held in St Laurent. Musicians from all over the region came to perform in the homes and streets of St Laurent. Including Elsie!

These signs hung at the homes hosting the musicians

There was dancing in the streets

and Breton dancing for all!

It was great to see our friend Jean-Pierre.
His rock 'n roll was awesome!

Elsie is warming up...

and her performance was superb!

Here she might have been thinking, ''Put. The. Camera. Away.''

Elsie also performed Friday night at the pub in St Laurent.
Most of her performance was done ''by ear'', following along with the musicians.
What a delight to hear her fiddle!