Friday, October 9, 2009

Becoming 9

Week three at school and I think I am One Of The Kids now. My classmates seem happy to see me arrive each morning and many skip (yes, skip) toward me and offer an enthusiastic bonjour. A few are eager to tell me their news or show me things. One morning a group of kids were huddled around a window and called for me to come over and take a look with them. Of course I didn't know what to expect and I must admit I felt a little anxious over what I was about to see. Maybe a dead critter? Turns out two insects were, shall I say, ''having an intimate moment''. The kids were fascinated by this while I was relieved it wasn't a dead thing. But what to say? And, remember, say it in French! I stood there with the kids, huddled in a circle with them, and realized that they had taken me into their fold. My response didn't really matter. I am becoming 9 again and it is fun-tastic!