Monday, August 25, 2008


computer problems. I may be off-line here for a week or so while we wait for our computer ''issues'' (aka problems and hopefully NOT virus related) to be resolved. We are dashing off to the Hedgehog House on Wednesday and returning Monday...leaving our B&B guests to DIY but this time we are keeping the cat with us. Ha!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bed & Breakfast: Garden Party!

One of the best things about our Bed & Breakfast is that we have had many guests stay with us many times. Perhaps they really do like DIY? Our guests have never flinched when pressed to write a lovely note of thanks prior to the release of their belongings upon departure. I particularly favored ''the sausages were okay'' entry. And most have been delighted to smile for the B&B guest photo album. Those that did not smile willingly had their bags searched. Twice.

Another fantastic part about our Bed & Breakfast is that we have had guests that have become friends. I mean the sort of friends that you invite over and when they leave they are not clutching onto their wallets or twisting their faces into sour expressions saying silly things like, ''you call THIS a B&B?''

Our guests - our friends - gathered in our garden yesterday for an afternoon of fun and games and food. I didn't take many photos or conduct any strip searches. These folks ''passed'' all that business a long time ago. Copies of their passports have been secured.

Good news of the day: We may have figured out who pinched John and Anne's apple tree. I'm not saying WHO, but, um - Robin, you may want to count your trees next time you're here.

Who is going to host the next Garden Party?

photo by Elsie

for a closer look of this gorgeous group, click on the photo!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bed & Breakfast: DIY

We may very well be the first B&B to claim DIY. Maybe other B&B's give guests house keys and maybe B&B guests help with the washing up at other B&B's, but, we have DIY!

After breakfast Sunday morning, we left our guests on their own. Of course we left them clear and simple instructions...

Feed the cat
Lock the doors
Turn off the lights

oh! Help yourselves to lunch and dinner and snacks today, breakfast and lunch tomorrow...

Feed the cat
Wash the dishes
Take out the garbage

oh! We may need a few groceries, if you're out, and it's not too much trouble:

cat food milk eggs butter coffee juice a few cat toys would be nice tea bread baguette jam potatoes onions lettuce fish lamb chicken and some of those trés chic treats for the cat

oh! We may be very tired upon our return, we may just collapse into bed, so, after you have made your bed, done the dishes, cleaned the house, put away the shopping, will you feed the cat?

Thanks...and remember, leave payment for the B&B in cash.

HA! Whoever said a B&B was a lot of work? Hey!!! Where's the cat?!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Petit a petit

We have B&B guests every day this month and Brit friends arrive tomorrow and our social calendar is rather full and I have a heap of French lessons to study and we are hosting our first B&B Garden Party soon and did I mention we have B&B guests every day this month?
This morning, after the breakfast dishes, Rosemary and I cleaned the Master Suite and tossed the bedding and towels into the washing machine. Yeah, I know, how bad (or should that be great?) is it that our B&B guests help with the washing up, cleaning of their room and laundry?
Upon completion of the Morning Tasks, I went across the street to visit my French friend Florence. Her English is limited, as is my French, but, somehow we manage. Florence brewed two cups of strong - very strong - coffee...the kind of coffee that, for me, requires a large lump of sugar and high caffeine tolerance. We sat at her kitchen table, talking slowly, choosing our words carefully. Although it is a challenge to develop friendships with this language barrier, it is also a motivating factor to get on with learning French! Florence is kind and patient and in fact the only female in our community that has overtly reached out in friendship with me. For that, I am both deeply touched and very grateful.
Tony and I had a leisurely lunch in Carentoir at one of our favorite places, Le Narval, with Brian and Rosemary. Knowing that tonight would be ''scraps'', aka left-overs, we all chose a three course meal. I had a duck pate starter, traditional galette and green salad with a small assortment of cheese. By the time we returned from lunch, I had to scramble to get the laundry ironed, folded and put away before my French lesson with Lucette. I'm supposed to have a one hour lesson but it's usually closer to two hours because, surprise!, I am a bit of a class clown. Which, by the way, is difficult to accomplish when I am the class. Lucette says I'll be speaking French well by the end of This Year. I did remind her that it is August, only four months left in This Year! Hmmmm.

Petit a petit et un jour...
I will speak French well
ask Florence for a cup of tea...!

Friday, August 1, 2008

For My SIL


Wishing you happy days and beautiful evenings throughout the year!