Friday, October 9, 2009

Becoming 9

Week three at school and I think I am One Of The Kids now. My classmates seem happy to see me arrive each morning and many skip (yes, skip) toward me and offer an enthusiastic bonjour. A few are eager to tell me their news or show me things. One morning a group of kids were huddled around a window and called for me to come over and take a look with them. Of course I didn't know what to expect and I must admit I felt a little anxious over what I was about to see. Maybe a dead critter? Turns out two insects were, shall I say, ''having an intimate moment''. The kids were fascinated by this while I was relieved it wasn't a dead thing. But what to say? And, remember, say it in French! I stood there with the kids, huddled in a circle with them, and realized that they had taken me into their fold. My response didn't really matter. I am becoming 9 again and it is fun-tastic!


Sis said...

Where was your teacher during this little exchange? (That's the principal in me.)
Oh to be nine again....I don't even remember anything from that age. So glad you get to experience it all again!

Pam said...

Teachers were in class - see what you all miss 'preparing' for the day? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Quite an experience! Learning a language, while learning to be a child again......few have that opportunity.

Paulita said...

What fun. How'd you convince the school to let you do that? I bet you learn a ton! I just finished listening to "What French Women Know" by Debra Olivier and it includes a section on how the French are comfortable with nudity and reproduction, animals mating, etc.. So it's probably best if you didn't say anything.

Samantha@ Living In The Sun said...

Hi learning a new language with kids in their own country, they are probably the best teachers you could have found, and the feeling of beeing 9 again with them,
You are very lucky

Best Regards Sam

alisa wynaut said...

Just visiting your site.. :D

Hemraj said...
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hapi said...

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Jasmine said...

this sounds awesome! and the wedding must of been fun!
personally i'd love to live in france - everything about them and their culture entices me and makes me love them as a nation all the more....!

savdev said...

nice one

Munir said...

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bellajeanne said...

Children know when someone is kind and youthful at heart. It says great things that they've welcomed you so warmly! Sweet story.. can't wait to read more about your adventures.

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